Apache Axis monitoring

Apache CXF is web services framework Java and C. Zorka agent can monitor and trace SOAP requests. Currently supported Axis versions:

  • apache/axis.bsh - axis 1 (both client and server, intercepts incoming and outgoing XML messages);

  • apache/axis2.bsh - axis 2 (server only, currently intercepts only incoming message);

Intercepting incoming and outgoing messages

Incoming and outgoing XML messages are intercepted for both client and server on Axis 1. For Axis 2, only interception of incoming messages is currently supported. Message interception functionalities can be disabled using soap.fetch.xml, soap.fetch.xml.in or soap.fetch.xml.out options.

Configuration options

Axis support scripts don’t have their own configuration options. SOAP options are used instead.

Zabbix templates

Generic template for SOAP should be used with zabbix to collect Axis performance statistics:

  • Template_Zorka_SOAP.xml - general statistics for CXF services;