Apache CXF monitoring

Apache CXF is a services framework for implementing services and clients in Java that communicate using various protocols, eg. SOAP, REST, CORBA, XML-RPC etc. Currently zorka agent provides support for SOAP and REST monitoring. In order to activate CXF monitoring, apache/cxf.bsh script needs to be loaded, for example:

scripts = jvm.bsh, zabbix.bsh, apache/tomcat.bsh, apache/cxf.bsh

Most of SOAP and REST configuration properties work for CXF except for statistics. This is because CXF uses common request processing chain for all protocols and statistics are collected in single place. CXF statistics are collected in CXF-specific mbeans and have dedicated zabbix template.

Intercepting incoming and outgoing messages

Note that CXF integration script intercepts input and output streams in CXF message processing chain and installs its own wrappers in place of intercepted streams. This is relatively fresh functionality, so be sure to test your application thoroughly prior to enabling CXF support in production setting.

Configuration options

  • cxf.stats = yes - enables or disables statistics aggregation;

  • cxf.stats.mbean = zorka:type=ZorkaStats,name=CXF - CXF statistics mbean object name;

Zabbix templates

There is only one template for collecting CXF-specific statistics in Zabbix:

  • Template_Zorka_CXF.xml - general statistics for CXF services;