Installing and configuring Zorka

Administrator installing and configuring zorka agent should start with reading agent basic section and then proceed straight to instruction specific for application server on which agent is configured. After having basic agent configuration up and running administrator can alter settings for various monitored components or configure application profiling. Agent can also generate audit logs for applications - this feature also needs to be enabled and properly configured.

Read prior to installation

The Agent Basics section contains basic information about agent, layout of unpacked agent directory and some common options. General information contained here will be useful when installing agent on particular application server.

Basic instructions (application server specific)

There is a set of instructions for various application servers: Apache Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss 4/5/6, JBoss 7, Websphere Application Server, GlassFish, Oracle WebLogic and Mule ESB. With one of these instructions administrator can perform basic installation and configuration. Jasig CAS also has ready to use scripts and can be used as example of an application monitored end-to-end.

More configuration options

More detailed description of configuration options for particular subsystems (common across application servers) is located in Common options section: JVM, HTTP, SOAP, SQL, EJB, JMS, LDAP. Popular libraries and application frameworks are also supported out of the box: Spring, Quartz are supported, more to come.

Application profiling (tracing)

When configuring full application tracing, ZICO collector needs to be installed first. Tracing requires some more extensive testing and possibly agent tuning which is described in tracer configuration section.

Trappers and audit logs

Some information (eg. slow SQL queries, HTTP errors etc.) can be logged to local files or sent to remote servers (zabbix, syslog). Trappers configuration section contains information about enabling and configuring such functionality. Application auditing is also possible and can log audit events in similar manner to slow/error logs.

Supported monitoring systems

Out of the box support is currently provided for Nagios and Zabbix. There is a set of templates (Zabbix) and commands (Nagios) for common cases, yet administrator can define its own tailored specifically for monitored application.