Jboss 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

JBoss integration has been tested on versions 5 and 6 of Sun JDK.

  • unpack zorka binary distribution in jboss server directory and (optionally) rename unpacked directory to zorka;

  • edit zorka.properties file and load jboss support scripts (jboss4, jboss5 or jboss6):

scripts = jvm.bsh, zabbix.bsh, jboss/jboss5.bsh
  • edit <jboss-home>/bin/run.conf and add the following line at the end:
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:<jboss-home>/zorka/zorka.jar=<jboss-home>/zorka"
  • adjust zorka.properties if necessary (log files, listen port number etc.);

  • import appropriate templates into Zabbix;

Configuration Settings

JBoss integration script implement standard HTTP/EJB monitoring, so standard options for HTTP and EJB apply. Also, consider SQL and/or LDAP monitoring if your applications use SQL database(s) or LDAP. There are no other specific settings for JBoss.

Zabbix Templates

Aside of general purpose HTTP/EJB/SQL/LDAP templates This script defines jboss namespace containing set of helper functions that are used in conjunction with the following zabbix templates:

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss.xml - basic information about JBoss;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss4_EJB3.xml - EJB3 metrics for JBoss 4.2;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss4_JCA.xml - JCA metrics for JBoss 4.2;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss4_MQ.xml - MQ metrics for JBoss 4.2;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss5_EJB3.xml - EJB3 metrics for JBoss 5.1;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss5_JCA.xml - JCA metrics for JBoss 5.1;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss5_MQ.xml - MQ metrics for JBoss 5.1;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss_RequestProcessors.xml - request processing metrics for all JBoss versions prior to 7.0;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss_Servlets.xml - servlet execution metrics for all JBoss versions prior to 7.0;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss_ThreadPools.xml - thread pools for all JBoss versions prior to 7.0;

  • Template_Zorka_JBoss_WebSessions.xml - web sessions for all JBoss versions prior to 7.0;

In addition some generic templates can be used:

  • Template_Zorka_Audit.xml - if auditing is enabled;

  • Template_Zorka_EJB.xml - EJB call execution statistics;

  • Template_Zorka_HTTP.xml - HTTP request handling statistics;

  • Template_Zorka_LDAP.xml - statistics for LDAP queries (if ldap.bsh is loaded);

  • Template_Zorka_SQL.xml - statistics for SQL queries (if some JDBC monitoring script is loaded);

  • Template_Zorka_JMS.xml - statistics for JMS communications;