Monitoring LDAP queries

The ldap.bsh script provides means to monitor and trace LDAP client requests. It instruments standard LDAP client built into Java platform. Note that lots of LDAP client libraries (eg. Spring LDAP) are implemented as wrappers for built in LDAP client and can be monitored with ldap.bsh as well.

Enabling LDAP monitoring

In order to enable LDAP monitoring for Zorka agent, add ldap.bsh script in, for example:

scripts = jvm.bsh, zabbix.bsh, tomcat.bsh, ldap.bsh

Ready to use zabbix template for collecting LDAP statistics Template_Zorka_LDAP.xml is also available.

Config options for LDAP monitoring

The following options are available:

  • ldap.trace = ${tracer} - enables or disables tracing of LDAP requests;

  • ldap.trace.time = ${tracer.min.trace.time} - minimum request execution time requred to submit trace of LDAP request (note that if LDAP request is part of another trace (eg. HTTP) that will be submitted anyway, information about request will be submitted as part of another trace.