Monitoring REST services

Due to variety of RS frameworks, there is no single script enabling monitoring for all of them. Scripts for specific frameworks are available instead - in similiar manner to monitoring of speficic JDBC drivers. Currently supported frameworks are (more to come):

  • apache/cxf.bsh - Apache CXF (no REST statistics, use CXF-specific template instead);

  • oracle/jersey.bsh - Jersey 2.x (no message content recorded yet);

Enabling REST instrumentation

In order to enable monitoring of REST services, include appropriate support script in, for example:

scripts = jvm.bsh, zabbix.bsh, apache/tomcat.bsh, apache/cxf.bsh

Tracing REST requests

Tracing of REST requests will be enabled automatically as soon as tracer = yes is set in Administrator can disable REST tracing by adding rest.trace = no to and can set minimum execution time threshold for traced SOAP calls using rest.trace.time option.

Tracing collects request and reply XML/JSON messages by default. It can be disabled using rest.fetch.args option.

Configuration options reference

Settings for REST monitoring:

  • rest.stats = yes - enable REST statistics;

  • rest.stats.mbean = zorka:type=ZorkaStats,name=REST - mbean name for REST statistics;

Tracing REST requests:

  • rest.trace = yes - enable or disable tracing of REST requests;

  • rest.trace.time = ${tracer.min.trace.time} - minimum request execution time to be submitted;