Oracle WebLogic Server

For Oracle Weblogic server, HTTP and EJB monitoring support has been implemented. All other appserver-independent functionalities are available if proper script will be loaded (SQL, LDAP, JMX, SOAP etc.).

Agent installation

Directory convention:

${MW_HOME}    - installation directory
${WL_HOME}    - instance directory
${WL_HOME}/server/bin/      - environment variables configuration script
  • unpack zorka agent files in $WL_HOME directory;
  • add WLS support script to scripts option in
scripts = jvm.bsh, zabbix.bsh, oracle/wls.bsh
  • edit script for configured server instance and add the following JVM options:
  • edit ${WL_HOME}/lib/weblogic.policy and add the following rule:
grant codeBase "file:@WL_HOME/zorka/-" {

Configuration options

There are no WLS-specific configuration options for WebLogic right now (yet some may appear in future releases).

Zabbix templates

In addition some generic templates can be used:

  • Template_Zorka_Audit.xml - if auditing is enabled;

  • Template_Zorka_EJB.xml - EJB call execution statistics;

  • Template_Zorka_HTTP.xml - HTTP request handling statistics;

  • Template_Zorka_LDAP.xml - statistics for LDAP queries (if ldap.bsh is loaded);

  • Template_Zorka_SQL.xml - statistics for SQL queries (if some JDBC monitoring script is loaded);

  • Template_Zorka_JMS.xml - statistics for JMS communications;