Zorka 1.0.3 release notes

This release brings major overaul to ZICO collector:

  • most its dependencies have been upgraded (this includes MapDB 1.0.1 which brings storage format incompatibity - see upgrade instruction below);

  • UI has undergone major overhaul - it no longer uses Sencha GXT library, plain GWT with custom styling is now in use;

On the agent side:

  • more fixes and enhancements to nagios integration;

  • upgrade to ASM 5.x (full support for new Java 8 bytecodes);

Upgrading ZICO collector

When old data is around, ZICO collector won’t be able to start properly because of datastore format incompatibilites.

  • before upgrading log into old collector and perform backup of collector configuration by clicking into backup link in administration panel;

  • remove datafiles that can be rebuilt:

$ find . -type f -name *.db -print -delete
$ find . -type f -name *.db.p -print -delete
$ find . -type f -name *.db.t -print -delete
$ cd data
$ for D in * ; do if [ -d $D/tidx ] ; then rm -rf $D/tidx ; fi ; done
  • run zico-util to rebuild deleted files:
$ java -jar zico-util.jar check $PWD

Depending on amount of data in ZICO stores, this step can take anything from few minutes to few hours. It requires scanning of all data stores. Each host is processed in separate thread, yet