Zabbix integration

Zabbix uses mostly general purpose functions from zorka namespace but there are some zabbix-specific functions that have been defined in dedicated namespace.


zabbix.discovery(<mbs>, <object-wildcard>, <attr1>, <attr2>, ...)

This function is useful for performing low level discovery for Zabbix. It looks for mbeans matching given wildcard and for every name found returns a map of attributes (attr1, attr2) mapped onto their values. Map keys are in uppercase attribute names in zabbix-compatible form, eg. j2eeServer maps to {#J2EESERVER}. More sophiscated version of this method will be described in next section, yet this one is sufficient for most cases.

zabbix.discovery(query1, query2, ...)

This is a more sophiscated discovery function that - in addition to listing mbeans themselves - can also dig deeper into mbean attributes. It uses JMX query objects that can be defined by zorka.query() function.

Zabbix trappers

Zabbix module offers functions for creating trappers that can be used with spy trapper plugins.

See spy trappers section for more details.