As author of this software, I’ve been using it successfully in quite big and varying production environments as a part of my consulting practice and I consider it to be stable enough for use in production under various circumstances.

Yet as it comes to configuring it, and especially extending agent via scripts can be tedious for others - that’s why I still consider Zorka as beta. There is a lot of rough edges in documentation, configuration options and support scripts - and it cannot be fixed by me alone. Try agent yourself and if you encounter problems, bugs or lacks in documentation let me know either via issue tracker or mailing list.

Community support

Community support is provided as best-effort (as other open source projects do). All kinds of problem indications, bugs and feature requests are welcome.

There are two mailing lists - one for users and one for developers:

Zorka project is using github issue tracker:

Commercial Support

I’m a freelance consultant, so if you’re looking for official support/consulting/training/development around zorka, I’m for hire. As an author I can provide the following services:

  • installation, configuration and consulting services - deploying monitoring of customer customer application along with tuning and customization, so it will exactly fit customer’s needs;

  • dedicated development - implementing various extensions for zorka agent (integration for other monitoring systems, extending zorka spy functionalities, adapting to new application servers etc.);

  • technical consulting - solving problems occuring in customer’s applications (using zorka agent), assisting in deployments of new applications;

  • trainings - on how to use, configure and extend agent;

  • designing and implementing custom solutions with zorka agent (eg. implementing audit log for applications having no auditing capability out of the box);

Company site: